Why R2:2013 Certified

About 10 years ago, a growing recognition of the need for safe standards and accountability set in motion the move toward certification for the electronics recycling industry.  Through a multi-stakeholder process that included representatives from the US EPA, the recycling industry, original equipment manufacturers and other concerned parties, the safest and most sustainable practices for electronics recycling and reuse were identified for inclusion in what is called the R2 (Responsible Recycling) Standard. The R2 Standard was initially published in 2008, with an updated version released in 2013.

Choosing the right electronics recycler to manage your company’s IT assets is a critically important decision. Selecting the wrong electronics recycler can mean exposing your company to data mismanagement, and putting your company at unnecessary legal and financial risk. Contracting with an electronics recycler that is R2:2013 Certified means peace of mind in knowing that your company’s IT assets are being managed by a recycler that has demonstrated they have a system in place to properly handle materials according to the R2:2013 Standard.

Here are just a few examples of how R2:2013 Practices addresses these top corporate concerns that impact decision making when choosing the right IT asset disposal provider:

Provision 1: Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System

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