Community Outreach

Advances in technology hit us at a very fast pace rate. As soon as we buy a new electronic device, a newer, even better version appears on the shelves. But don’t just trash your old electronics — Reuse, Recover or Recycle them!

What kinds of hazardous materials are we talking about?

The amount of toxins that can accumulate in landfills from a variety of electronics is frightening. The following hazardous materials are an example of common components of a PC that can leach into the environment, creating a cumulative impact upon humans, animals and plant life.

  • Lead
  • Barium
  • Beryllium
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium

Keeping these potentially dangerous materials out of landfills and incinerators by recycling them just makes plain sense! Learn more about why you should recycle with a R2 certified Electronics Recycler…

What options are there other than the trash pile?

Reuse, Recover, Recycle – CompuPoint USA LLC does more than simply collect and properly recycle obsolete electronics. By dismantling electronics we reuse and re-market the harvested commodities – this reduces the need for new products and maximizes the value of our recycling solutions.

What are some examples of electronics that can be recycled or reused?

CompuPoint USA LLC (CP-USA) is a full service IT asset management and electronics recycling company, providing e-waste recycling solutions for households based on Sustainable e-Recycling practices. Our processing facility has the required certifications to provide your household, business, school, educational institution or government agency with peace of mind through full accountability and transparency. Examples of items listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency include:

  • Flat Panel / TFT Displays, TVs
  • Computers/monitors/hard drives
  • Cell phones, smart Devices, GPS
  • Printers, Copiers, Fax machines
  • Radios, Telephones
  • PDAs, Video games

Have more questions?

Our Team will work closely with your City Personnel in establishing and implementing a public outreach plan to maximize community participation in your City’s collection events. For example, by using radio advertising, newspaper ads, mass mailers and emails you can actively engage your residents in solving your community’s e-waste problem. CompuPoint USA will provide the copy needed and personnel to assist you in your active advertising and public relations campaigns.

CP-USA maintains the highest environmental standards and abides by a strict zero landfill policy for e-Waste.

Electronics, including all computers, constitute 2% of domestic landfills by volume, but they contribute to 70% of the toxins found inside. By keeping the environment at the forefront of everything we do, CP-USA is creating a cleaner planet for current and future generations.