Customer Service

Trusted Electronics Recycling Solutions & Complete Compliance Programs

CompuPoint USA LLCs (CP-USA) Electronics Recycling Solutions offers comprehensive services to ensure that end-of-life equipment is collected and responsibly processed.

Regional Compliance Strategies

CP-USAs Electronic Recycling Solutions helps you comply with the complex mix of state and federal laws and implement electronic recycling programs to meet your compliance requirements.

Comprehensive Collection and Recycling Programs

Using environmentally responsible processes, CompuPoint USA LLC recycles more than 15 million pounds of end-of-life electronics each year at our location, so customers can be sure we always have the capacity and the infrastructure necessary to provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable collection and recycling programs.

Full Auditing of Our Facility and Downstream Vendors

Our facility has been audited by third-party certifier and have received R2:2013, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. In addition to these certifications, our facility follows established corporate environmental and safety standards that further protects our customers and employees from the hazards associated with recycling used electronics.

All our downstream vendors are continuously monitored to follow these same standards. Documents that demonstrate CP-USA or its agents gave audited downstream processors and vendors can be provided to you upon request.

Meeting Corporate Sustainability Goals

Many corporate programs established for managing end-of-life electronics demand a cost-effective solution with 100 percent manual data destruction and adherence to established corporate compliance programs. CP-USA allows organizations to shed outdated technology, maintain data security, and achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

Sustainable Operations

CP-USA Electronics Recycling Solutions is your sustainability partner. Responsible reuse and recycling helps your company to:

  • Preserve scarce natural resources.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Decrease use of landfills and incinerators.

Sustainable electronics recycling pivots on comprehensive reuse of products and efficient recycling processes that maximize the production of reusable commodity streams.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety remains the Company’s first priority from which all other operational activities must take their lead. Undertaking all tasks in a safe manner is a non-negotiable work condition and an integral responsibility of every employee, contractor and visitor.

Community Engagement

As a complete de-manufacturer of electronics into commodity grade metals, plastics and circuit boards, the Company’s knowledge of how to preserve and re-use materials is beneficial to all levels of businesses, governments, environmental groups and NGO’s alike. We work closely with all agencies on a range of issues from how levels of recycling in the community can be increased, to what is technically and economically feasible for the conservation of rare compounds used in high tech applications.

Complete Digital Data Destruction. Guaranteed

Digital Data Risks

The need for digital data security affects all organizations. Technology allows us to collect, store and transfer vast amounts of confidential information. This data—customer and employee records, industry and market research, as well as financial information—is critical to protect because unsecured data can lead to identity, intellectual property and trade secret theft or result in regulatory noncompliance.

Unfortunately, this sensitive information becomes vulnerable when end-of-life electronics containing data are retired. CP-USAs Electronics Recycling Solutions’ audited processes provide peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company’s privacy and corporate reputation remain intact.

Safeguard Your Sensitive Digital Data

CP-USA uses a manual destruction method to eliminate the potential security risks associated with the data that resides on end-of-life electronics. These manual data destruction services ensure your confidential information is never compromised.

CP-USA uses clearly defined processes to make certain all hard drives are completely destroyed, and that no hard drive is skipped during the process. Certificates of destruction can be provided, regardless of the service provided – on-site destruction, witnessed destruction or plant recycling.