Recycling Solutions

CompuPoint USA LLC – Your trusted source for Electronics Recycling Services

  • Fastest growing Electronic Waste Recycler in south eastern United States
  • Maximum Economic Model for our Customers
  • Rapidly growing U.S. Market Share – Providing Economies of Scale
  • Competitive Pricing in the E-Waste Industry
  • Over 15 Million Pounds Recycled Annually
  • Specializing in the environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste
  • 100% recycled in our facility
  • Everything is broken down to commodities
  • Not equipment exported to non-OECD Nations
  • No electronics placed in landfill

Highest and Best Environmental Practices

  • R2:2013 – ANAB
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • GA EPA Certification

Cradle to Cradle Accountability – Full Documentation

We offer sorting, dismantling and electronics recycling services. We accept all electronics scrap and wastes capable of yielding commodity grade glass, plastic, copper, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

At our facilities, we transform discarded and obsolete electronics into commodity grade materials suitable for re-manufacturing. Equipment that has been destroyed and shredded will be used to manufacture new products.

Cradle to Cradle Accountability:

Innovative solutions for retired, surplus, and end-of-life electronics management.

  • Competitive asset recovery,
  • de-manufacturing into commodities, and
  • environmental accountability.

A reduction in environmental liability, and accountability for all universal waste & hazardous materials contained in discarded equipment, along with potential credit for asset recovery.

Equipment refurbishing:

Authorized equipment that has not been restricted will be repaired or refurbished to a usable state then sold back into the market.

This aids in your asset recovery for retired surplus hardware.

Increased protection for your community from environmental contamination.

Best Environmental Practices:

We provide our customers with the knowledge that their electronic equipment will not become a future liability.

CompuPoint USA LLC provides R2: 2013, EPA / RCRA compliant recovery and recycling with end-of-life certification.

All materials that cannot be reused are sorted and dismantled into various commodities and marketed for use back into the manufacturing stream.

Data Cleansing and Destruction:

Guaranteed security of customers’ proprietary products with complete manual data destruction on all media.

Total data destruction through manual crushing provided at customer request.

Certificates of Recycling and total Data Destruction provided.

Maximum Economic Model – 100% Recycled:

Reclamation of circuit boards and other units containing components.

Through de-manufacturing, electronic equipment is dismantled to commodity grade material such as precious metals, metals, plastic and glass media.

By dismantling equipment to its commodity grade material, CompuPoint USA LLC eliminates any future liability.

  • Customer may identify equipment or components as scrap, for processing directly by CompuPoint USA LLC’ environmental processing team.
  • CompuPoint USA LLC does not generate waste through our processes. All material is moved through our operations under proprietary channels.

Competitive Pricing in the e-Waste Industry:

Maintain and manage residential electronics collection programs through contracts and other arrangements.

CompuPoint USA LLC also offers schools and non-profit organizations the opportunity to bridge the digital divide and raise funds through low cost computer sales.