Commodity Aggregation

Copper | Aluminum | Steel | Recycling

All electronic waste is recycled to its commodity form:

Precious Metals, Metals, Plastics, Glass Media.

Gain maximum value and reduce landfill

Recovering clean commodity streams from obsolete electronics reduces landfill waste, preserves natural resources and increases value recovery from e-waste. Recovered commodity streams provide raw materials for next generation products.

How we can help

CompuPoint USA LLCs Electronic Recycling Solutions can recover commodities from a range of different material streams. So if your waste contains a mix of materials such as circuit boards, metals or plastics, we may be able to help you recover resources from these waste streams.

Our de-manufacturing process can recover high quality commodity grade materials that can be recycled back into the manufacturing process to make more of the products that we use every day. This helps sustain resources and helps businesses maximize the value in their waste materials.

Why choose us?

  • 100% manual data destruction services, ensuring your data is destroyed to government standards
  • A company with the governance and resources to ensure you are protected
  • Confidence that you are working with a Corporation who understands your need for detailed and accurate reporting
  • Consistent standard of service due to our stringent quality, health and safety and environmental standards
  • Cost-effective separation processes achieve maximum commodity recovery
  • Transparent, detailed and accurate reporting to support your Corporate Social Responsibility and legislative requirements
  • Trust and confidence that you are meeting and in some cases exceeding laws, legislation and government requirements through our knowledge and expertise
  • Trusted guidance and advice on how to gain more value and reduce landfill