Mobile Device Consumer Recycling Habits

Younger U.S. Mobile Device Owners Hoard Old Smart Phones and Tablets. Nearly nine in 10 American device owners have outdated and unused items at home, but 10 percent or less have tried to earn money from old devices

  • Nearly nine in 10 American device owners have outdated and unused items lying around their homes , ranging from shoes (64 percent) and clothing (57 percent) to devices that are far less popular today, like cell phones (57 percent) and VCRs (48 percent).
  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, mobile phones are usually replaced every 18 months, yet nearly two in three (66 percent) men believe that their current wallet will outlast their smartphone and more than half of women (53 percent) believe their current purse will last longer than their smartphones.
  • Although users upgrade often, many hold on to their old devices for years after they’re no longer used. Almost one in five (18 percent) admit that the oldest device they still have has been around longer than a wide variety of items that tend to last awhile, including their oldest kitchen appliance, pair of curtains or set of bed sheets. Interestingly, a very small minority (6 percent) report that the oldest condiment they have in their fridge has been around longer than their most ancient device !
  • Device owners ages 18 to 49 are more likely than older users to believe that it’s possible to get cash for used gadgets, while parents are more likely than non parents (91 percent vs. 76 percent) to believe that people can profit from unused items around the house.
  • More than one in four users have left behind obsolete cell phones (52 percent), mp3 players (35 percent), smartphones (27 percent) and tablets (20 percent) in a drawer or closet to be forgotten.
  • Unfortunately, more than one in 10 device owners (12 percent) incorrectly believe that placing old devices in any recycling bin is a viable option for disposal, and 12 percent would consider throwing an old gadget in the garbage after upgrading , contributing toxic e-waste to landfills.

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