Downstream Transparency

CompuPoint USA LLC (CP-USA) is a full service electronics recycling company, which allows us to process all types of electronic waste within our own facility. Our facility has the required permits and licenses from the EPA and DEP. Our de-manufacturing processes have adopted R2:2013, ISO 18001 OHSAS and ISO 14001 EMS procedures. Only processed commodity grade material viz. Precious Metals, Metals, Copper, Aluminum, ABS Plastics, HIPS Plastics and Glass Media or tested equipment is shipped out from our facility.

CompuPoint USA LLCs Electronics Recycling Service is subject to regular

  • periodic independent inspections,
  • downstream vendor audits,
  • environmental management system audits,
  • annual health and safety audits and process evaluations.

The data from these inspections is available for inspection.  When we select downstream vendors, we implement the same due diligence criteria required under the R2; 2013 guidelines. We conduct site visits to vendors’ facilities to ensure that the requirements that they commit to are enforced and welcome all clients and vendors to visit our facility.

CP-USA tracks all e-waste entering its facilities through a tracking system capable of locating e-waste at all stages from

  • receiving reports,
  • to reconciliation reports,
  • to downstream vendors.

This assures that all e-Waste received by CP-USA is 100% recycled and traceable. This “point to point” tracking method ensures that e-waste does not end up in the hands of other companies, local landfills, and is not illegally exported to non-OECD nations.

Certificates of Destruction are issued on all electronics recycled by CP-USA. These certificates release clients from any liability after sending their e-waste to CP-USA for recycling, thus creating a level of comfort for clients knowing that their e-waste is being disposed of lawfully and ethically.