Glass Recycling

Crushed Glass Blasting Media is environmentally friendly and appropriate for use near water. With no free silica and its non-toxic chemical properties, it’s safer for your blaster’s health while reducing pollution risks.

Crushed Glass Blasting media is available in a wide range of sizes and are normally used in blasting cabinets for honing, polishing, peening, blending, finishing, removing light burrs and cleaning away light foreign matter.

Crushed glass blasting media is good for sandblasting. It cuts through rust, paint and oil. Ideal for blasting auto parts, fibreglass, stainless steel and other sensitive surfaces.

Crushed Glass is classified as a semi-hard abrasive. It’s aggressive enough to remove many coatings and paints, and with the right technique and approach, it can also be used on fiberglass boat bottoms, some wood materials, commercial masonry, and other sensitive substrates that harder abrasives would ruin

Crushed glass is actually the friendliest hard abrasive on the market. It contains no free silica or toxic metals.