PMMA Recycling

PMMA Polymethyl methacrylate is highly biocompatible, 100% recyclable. PMMA can be reprocessed at dedicated plastic recycling facilities, before being melted and extruded into new items, creating closed-loop supply chains and building a circular economy.

PMMA, the key type of acrylic, can be recycled in several ways. This normally involves subjecting the resin to pyrolysis. It is possible to recover the monomer from PMMA scrap by depolymerization. PMMA has been successfully depolymerized by contacting with molten lead resulting in MMA with a purity more than 98%

PMMA releases no pollutant substances to the environment. At the end of its product life and after careful separation from other materials, PMMA can be used for energy recovery and chemical or mechanical recycling. PMMA scrap is not classed as hazardous waste.